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How to join

Any individual or legal entity can join ALAEC if they agree with the Association’s objectives and can contribute to achieving them, fitting into one of the following categories:

  • Individual: a person.
  • Institutional: a públic or private organization.
  • Sustaining: for-profit organization that operates in the field of scientific publication or dissemination, or in the provision of editorial services.

Although ALAEC has a priority focus on Latin America, it may accept the association of people and institutions from any country.

Membership forms, in Spanish and Portuguese, are available at:

En EspañolEm Português

The following are, among others, the rights of individual members and official institutional representatives:

  • I) Benefit from the products and services offered by ALAEC, as well as participate in the activities promoted by it, through differentiated payment for each category, as defined by the Board of Directors.
  • II) Register a journal on the ALAEC portal.
  • III) Join the Regional Section of the respective Country, meeting the conditions established by it.
  • IV) Integrate the Thematic Divisions with whose themes the member identifies.
  • V) Be part of the committees to which the member accepts the corresponding appointment.
  • VI) Vote and be voted in ALAEC elections, respecting the conditions established in this Statute, in particular in item I of article 54 and in articles 55 to 60.

Additionally, institutional members have the right to:

  • I) Mediante custo adicional, definido pela Junta Diretiva, cadastrar uma quantidade ilimitada das revistas que publicar no portal correspondente da ALAEC, além da que lhe é franqueada pelo inciso II do artigo 9º. 
  • II) Indicar representantes ad hoc, que deverão ser pessoas com que mantenham vínculo empregatício e que poderão usufruir exclusivamente do disposto no inciso I do artigo 9º.

The rights of cooperating members are:

  • I) Appoint a single official representative at ALAEC, who will be responsible for any and all negotiations with the Association and will be able to participate in the General Assembly with the right to speak, but not to vote.
  • II) Have your status as a cooperating member, your name and logo displayed prominently, in a specific section of the home page of the ALAEC website, as well as in all printed publications of the Association.
  • III) Get a discount to install a stand at events organized by ALAEC.
  • Others, defined in Regulation.

To find out more, see the specific section of our statutes in Portuguese or Spanish.